Tuesday, March 25, 2014

7th & 8th Graders: Travel Sites

Budget: You have $2,500 to spend.  That should cover flights and accommodations (hotel or hostel).  Be sure to set aside some spending money!

Dates: Your trip will begin the day school gets out (June 11th) and end exactly one week later on June 18th.  You may change your travel dates by up to three days if it gets you a better deal on a flight.

Flights:  Be sure to check multiple sites to get the best deal.  Make sure that your flight is round-trip.  You should consider yourself an adult when traveling.  Please do not enter any personal information into any website.

Hints for getting a good deal:

  • Travel midweek
  • Be flexible in your travel dates (0-3 days)
  • Try different departure cities (TC, Detroit, Grand Rapids, etc.)


Accomodations: First, research the difference between a hotel and a hostel here.

Once you decide on a hotel or hostel, use the following sites to help you find one.  Make sure you check multiple sites and multiple properties to find the best one for you.  Again, do NOT enter any personal information!


  • price
  • location
  • amenities (what do they have to offer?)
If choosing a hostel, remember that hostels vary great.  Be sure to ask the following questions before choosing one:
  • Does yours offer dorm-style rooms or private (or both)?  
  • Are there rules? (curfew, quiet hours, etc.)
  • Do you need to bring your own linens?
  • Is there a place to keep your stuff safe?
Hotel Guide (hotels & hostels)
Hostels.com (hostels only)

Attractions:  Use the following site to find interesting things to do while you're on your trip.

To see a list (in order of popularity) of attractions and events, go to Trip Advisor.  Click "Destinations" and enter your city and country.  Scroll down until you see "Top-rated Restaurants and Attractions."  Under attractions you will see a link that says "Browse all ___ attractions."  Click on it to see a detailed list.

Be sure to pay attention to any fees that might eat into your budget!

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